"We started this club in a basement. Actually scratch that. Barns. Yards. My friends kitchen. A chicken coup on an old farm outside of Blairstown Iowa. The family HD can walk with pride that it's origins began before the Ultimate Fighting Championship ever existed. In lieu of having a gym to go to for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and more we had to build one. We didn't have teachers with black belts. We had something more dangerous. We had teammates who wanted us to win just as much as they wanted to win. I love the people who come to find a stronger and better version of themselves. Those who seek to cast themselves into fiercer and fiercer fires until they the weapon have been tempered to perfection. To be cliche, this is a lifestyle. One I believe this gym and this lifestyle offers one the ability to transcend yesterdays self. Every. Single. Day. Imagine who you become in a week. Who you may find in a month. The man or woman of steel you will become in a year or two. There are no limits. Only challenges. Not only can you master one of many effective and combat proven martial arts but you will learn them from a professional and friendly staff who has competed at the highest levels. With choices from martial arts to personal training and Yoga. You choose your own adventure. I hope our adventures cross paths. I hope more they align! Coach Koch"

Keoni K.

"Hard Drive Performance Center is the best Martial Arts gym in the state of Iowa. Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, MMA, Wrestling and so much more! Great staff, awesome coaches. Learn discipline, responsibility, healthy lifestyle behaviors, awareness, strength, mental clarity and the best part feel like family. Meet great people, gain confidence, humility and gain control of your life. Top notch!"

Josh F.

"Great environment for the entire family. Positive, welcoming and very talented instructors and students to train with!"

Lauren N.

"The new facility is awesome. Lots of programs to choose from and directed training to your performance goals."

Gary H.

"I started my journey with a private one on one Brazilian jiu-jitsu lesson with Keoni Koch. This moment was in the works for about a year, as Keoni has been to my location for muscle work. It was time I stepped into his office. His passion, knowledge, and humility with the sport was the introduction that spoke volumes to me. This wasn't just about technique on the mats, this was about respect to the sport and to your opponent, and translating that respect into everyday living. We went over a few basics in that hour. I knew I was hooked. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I attended my first official beginners BJJ class. Encouraged by Jen Fields, Amanda Kupka, and Josh Burchett I participated when I would've been more than happy to sit and watch. The people here want you to succeed, they want to teach you, and help you. There's nothing to be intimidated about. I felt included, and appreciated the patience that came with the teaching by others. I have also worked closely with Brent Stepanek, as well as Courtney Johnson, and I feel they and Keoni Koch have a strong leadership that has created an environment full of energy and opportunity. If you have ever thought about giving MMA or BJJ a try, this is your location. Take advantage of the skilled individuals you have here in Cedar Rapids. You'll be glad you did !"

Lisa G.

"Hard Drive is a great place to improve your lifestyle. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, and the age range makes it great for families. Whether you want to get in better shape, become more adequate in self defense, or compete, Hard Drive is definitely the place to go. Everyone is supportive and the coaches are top tier!"

Gage N.

"We LOVE Hard Drive!! It's like a second home to our family. The staff is passionate, driven and caring, and the facilities are beautiful! We are excited to watch our kids grow and learn from the best!!"

Jess D.

"Started taking my boy there for the past couple weeks for wrestling and couldn't be happier more importantly he couldn't be happier! He actually looks forward to going 3 times a week! He loves the gym and more importantly enjoys every coach! Thank you guys!!!! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a place for their kids to learn something new and to be welcomed as soon as you step foot into the gym!!"

Jesse V.

The instructor eric really knew what he was teaching n how to teach get the group involved and took special attention to make sure my son fit in


Best in Cedar Rapids.

Fundisha K.

Awesome training

Cliff W.