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4-time World Champion Duke Roufus has a lifetime of experience in various martial arts. His passion for kickboxing has taken him all over the world and of his creation have came multiple world champions in the UFC. With a career spanning decades, Duke is one of the most knowledgeable and trusted striking coaches on the planet helping mold such fighters as Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley and Hard Drive head Kickboxing coach Erik Koch who is a long time Black Belt under master Roufus.

When a student begins kickboxing training they focus on fundamentals of footwork, stance and range. There is no sparring for beginner level students. Sparring is optional for advanced students with competitive aspirations. Roufusport Kickboxing has been specifically designed to be successful across many mediums from mixed martial arts to self defense. Kickboxing is also a great way to meet people, have fun and get in shape.