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Hard Drive Performance is proud to be affiliated with Rafael Lovato Jiu Jitsu.

Rafael Lovato Jr. is a world-class competitor and instructor, and was inspired by a love of the martial arts, particularly BJJ, and the desire to bring fitness, self-defense and valuable life skills into your life.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches you ...

How to use your whole body to your advantage. Regardless of age, shape or size, you'll learn effective self-defense techniques to overcome any opponent, anywhere.

Express your inner giant as you learn powerful grappling and practical defense drills, while gaining focus, strength, and confidence.

Become more aware of other people and your surroundings and spot sticky situations so you can walk away before something bad happens. You'll also know exactly what to do, should you need to defend yourself.

Beginner friendly programs available for ages 8 and up!